Spicy pepper sauce with ginger

Spicy pepper sauce with ginger

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Ingredients: Fresh lantern pepper, vinegar, oil (soybean), salt, citric acid E330

Format: 370g/13 Oz canned

Brand: Zena Exotics fruits s.a.r.l.

Origin: Senegal

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Spicy pepper sauce with ginger

Chillies (hot peppers) and peppers (Capsicum annuum and other species of the genus Capsicum) are vegetable plants of the Solanaceae family, grown for their aromatic green, yellow or red fruits, depending on their degree of ripeness. They are native to South and Central America, but are grown all over the world.

Chillies are consumed fresh in their countries of origin and most often dried and then reduced to powder or paste in importing countries. The main producing countries are India, China, African countries and Japan. The term piment appeared in the French language in the 800s, it finds its root in the Latin word “pigmentum” which means color, but also suc (of a plant).

Varieties of chilli peppers: lantern pepper (these are very hot!)
The lantern pepper is the strongest of all. It is really fearsome, so much so that we avoid touching it with our fingers (it would be very painful if we rubbed our eyes afterwards…!). It can be eaten green or red, or mixed. It is commonly found in the West Indies, in Guyana and in all the Caribbean. It is also cultivated in equatorial Africa, where it is very appreciated: it is an excellent condiment, very strong in spice, but also in flavor. It is said to be very good for your health, but it should not be abused either! It is also called West Indian pepper.

The latest among spices, chilli pepper is still one of the most consumed in the world today, especially in hot regions. Consumed in moderation, it is attributed various medical properties (antiseptic, diuretic, etc…) and even aphrodisiacs.

We propose you a hot pepper puree, natural or with ginger, with a taste very close to natural chilli pepper to accompany your daily and festive meals.

For those who like to eat spicy food, you are served!

Refrigerate after opening.


  • Zena
Weight3 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in

With Ginger, Without Ginger

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