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Country of origin: Cameroon

Also known as African Nutmeg

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Ehuru (African Nutmeg) seed also known as  pebe is the fruit of a medium to large tree native to tropical Africa. It is in the form of oval seeds (similar to almonds) that are aromatic and can be used as a substitute for nutmeg. These oval almonds come from a forest plant of tropical Africa, they are dried after picking, its aroma is strong and pleasant when cooked. They are used as a culinary seasoning and in traditional medicine. Its strong aroma is very pleasant. Its flavour is slightly close to that of nutmeg, hence its name Gabon nutmeg. The smell and taste of Monodora myristica seed is similar to nutmeg.

Its flowers are fragrant, they have orange-yellow outer petals spotted with red, white inner petals spotted with orange. Its spherical fruit, up to 15 cm in diameter, hides many seeds embedded in a white pulp of oblong shape slightly compressed light brown with a pungent flavor and aromatic and stimulating smell. The seeds are used as condiments and spices when dry or previously roasted.

Other names of African nutmeg

Whole Wede Aba Spice, Efuru, Ehuru, African Nutmeg, Jamaican Nutmeg, Pebe, Gabonese nutmeg, False nutmeg, Calabash nutmeg, Pebe, Pébé

Method of use of African nutmeg

Remove its envelope and crush before use.
In the kitchen it is suitable for fish and white meat. It is not recommended to combine it with pepper.
They are part of the products used in the treatment of fevers.
To relieve constipation when grilled and migraines when applied to the forehead.
They are also used to control lice when mixed with palm or palm kernel oil.
Often used for its stimulating virtues
Used in West Africa for the treatment of hemorrhoids, heavy legs and cellulite.
It can be considered an anti-obesity due to its limonene content.


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