Ginger infusion

Ginger infusion

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Ingredients: Ginger

Packaging and weight: Contains 25 sachets of 1.6g each

Brand: African Herbal Tea

Country of Origin: France

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Ginger infusion

Discover ginger – an African infusion traditionally consumed in Africa according to an ancestral ritual. They each offer unique flavours and properties: Ginger has been known since ancient times for its tonic and digestive properties. Discover the sweet, warm and spicy fragrance of this infusion.

In Chinese, “ginger” means “virility”. It is easy to understand why ginger is the star of sexual stimulants. Ingesting the root, by creating an influx of blood in the body, leads to hot flashes and sexual arousal.

Why ginger on the menu

It has an exceptional flavour and gives a deliciously oriental note to any dish.
Its thin marinated slices allow you to “cleanse” the palate between two dishes with pronounced flavours.
It can be made into an iced infusion to be served on its own or mixed with mineral water.
It facilitates digestion.
It prevents nausea and vomiting in people prone to motion sickness and in pregnant women.

medicinal virtues

The medicinal virtues of ginger are numerous:

Anti-oxidant: it is one of the most antioxidant plants in the world; whether raw, cooked or powdered. On the other hand, when combined with garlic and onion, its antioxidant properties are increased tenfold.
Anti nausea: it is proven to reduce post-operative nausea. In case of nausea and vomiting, for example during transport, the essential oil of ginger on a sugar can be an ally. Consumed fresh, it can help to combat morning sickness in pregnant women.

Promotes digestion: it would protect the gastric mucosa, stimulates the pancreas and the production of bile, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
Anti-inflammatory: it would prevent colon cancer. A 2003 study found that the absorption of ginger would prevent the development of cancer cells in colorectal cancer.

Preparation of Ginger infusion

Use one packet per cup, pour simmering water and let infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.


After opening, store in the refrigerator.


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