Frozen Tropical Fruit Pulp – Canoa

Frozen Tropical Fruit Pulp – Canoa

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Ingredients: 100% natural  fruit pulp

Size: 397 G (14 Oz)

Brand : Canoa

Country of origin: Colombia

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Fruit pulp

The fruit pulp available at Marché Afritibi, are from the Canoa brand. We advise you to use these 100% natural tropical flavoured fruit pulp (without added sugar) in your preparations and smoothies. Several flavours are available.

Guava pulp

what are the benefits of guava?

Guava is a tropical fruit shaped like a small pear. Guava is native to Central America but is now grown in several other countries. The tender and juicy flesh of the guava is red, pink or white in colour, sprinkled with small seeds. In addition to being light, guava is rich in minerals. It provides a good amount of calcium, magnesium, iron. It also contains potassium which confers diuretic virtues.

Frozen passion fruit pulp

passion fruit benefits?

Passion fruit, also called grenadilla, is a small tropical berry as big as an egg. Its fragrant flesh contains many small black seeds that are a very good source of dietary fibre. Passion fruit provides carotene, vitamin C, minerals and fibre. Fragile, the passion fruit is not very resistant to cooking but lends itself very well to your creative desires!

Corossol fruit pulp

Benefits of Corossol: natural anti-cancer …

Corossol, still known as graviola (Brazil), guanabana (Colombia), soursop (English), comes from the Annona muricata. It grows in Africa, America and Asia. Its skin is green with a thorny form. Its flesh is white and pulpy with indigestible black seeds. Corossol is 80% water. It contains among others B vitamins, vitamin C, carbohydrates, proteins, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and copper. Corossol is a fruit with a very pleasant, slightly sweet taste. It can be eaten as a fruit, but it is also suitable for cooking.

Since time immemorial, soursop has been used medically by the peoples of the Caribbean islands, South America and Africa. Its effectiveness in the treatment of certain types of cancer is mentioned in several sources but is not unanimously accepted by scientists.

Lovers of exotic cuisine: Be served!


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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 in

Corossol, Passion fruit, Guava, Fruit puree, Blackberry

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