Spicy pepper sauce with seed

Spicy pepper sauce with seed

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Ingredients: Fresh Habaneros pepper, vinegar, oil (soybean), salt, citric acid E330

Format: 370g/13 Oz canned

Brand: Zena Exotics fruits s.a.r.l.

Origin: Senegal

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Spicy pepper sauce with seed

Crushed Habaneros Pepper with seeds

Attention for informed consumers only !!!

This Spicy pepper sauce with seed or  hot pepper (Habanero pepper), also known as West Indian pepper, is one of the hottest peppers in the world. It has a strength of between 100,000 and 577,000 Scoville units depending on the variety. The red savina habanero is one of the strongest. Today the habanero pepper is found in Asia, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. It is used for cooking but is rarely eaten pure. Usually food is simply rubbed against the habanero pepper to transmit the taste and spiciness. It is also called lantern pepper, scotch bonnet, West Indian pepper or 7 pots.

The habanero pepper is native to the province of Yucatan in Mexico. However it takes its name from the Cuban city “La Habana” still known as Havana. Curiously the name has nothing to do with the production or the origin of the habanero. Cuba has never been a big producer of habanero nor even a place of exchange for the habanero pepper. Today the habanero pepper is cultivated in the Yucatan province of Mexico but also in Belize, Costa Rica, Panama (which is the best production region) and in the USA, especially in the South of the United States.

Uses of spicy pepper sauce with seed

We recommend the utmost caution when using fresh habanero pepper, it is best to wear gloves when cooking it. It was one of the hottest peppers in the world until 2006, today the hottest pepper in the world is the Carolina Reaper, twice as hot as the habanero.

Add it during cooking, once all the other ingredients have been added. Above all, do not stir too much after adding the chilli pepper so as not to open it. If the chilli pepper splits during cooking, the food will be inedible, it will be so hot.

Health benefits of hot pepper

The hot pepper (Habanero pepper) is a pepper of the species Capsicum Chinense. It is one of the 5 domesticated species of chilli pepper that all share the same history and health benefits. Know that the hotter a chilli pepper is, the more capsaicin it contains, the more health benefits it has. The Habanero chilli pepper is therefore one of the best chilli peppers from a health point of view.

The capsaicin in the chilli pepper increases satiety and basal metabolism, which are assets for people who watch their weight. It is also a good source of alpha-tocopherol, a form of vitamin E.

Capsaicin decreases appetite by increasing the feeling of satiety. It speeds up the metabolism and helps to “burn” fat. Its action on digestion, infections, inflammation, sweating, and convulsions has been demonstrated. A study conducted in the United Kingdom established that capsaicin could selectively destroy cancer cells in certain cancers (pancreas, lung, prostate). Some researchers believe that this is the reason why certain types of cancer are rarer in Indians and Mexicans than in Westerners.

Anecdotes of Spicy pepper sauce with seed

For the anecdote, on the island of Madagascar where we are used to eating spicy and spicy food, we call the Habanero pepper tsilandimilahy, which means in Malagasy “five men can’t finish it”.

One of its names is also 7 pots or 7 court-bouillons, because you can use a single chilli pepper to spice up 7 pots of food!

A fire that doesn’t go out with water…

Eating hot peppers can cause a hot and burning sensation in the mouth, especially in the uninitiated. The first reflex is often to swallow a good sip of fresh water, but this measure is not very effective. Indeed, capsaicin, the compound responsible for the pungent taste of chilli pepper, is not soluble in water, but in fat. It is therefore better to take a sip of milk, a piece of cheese or any other food that contains oil or fat!

Afritibi online grocery store also offers three other versions of the habanero pepper: one crushed without the seeds, one not crushed, and one flavoured with ginger.


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