Veal Shank meat

Veal Shank meat

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Veal Shank meat halal

What if you walk Afritibi that by eating more veal you would be healthier? It seems unlikely, doesn’t it? Especially since all nutritionists advise us to limit our consumption of red meat.

Veal shanks contain little fat and saturated fatty acids. This puts it in an advantageous position compared to other meats in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. In addition, veal shank contains oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that may help to better control certain risk factors for cardiovascular disease. It also contains selenium, which confers benefits for heart protection.

In Canada, two types of veal are produced: grain-fed veal and milk-fed veal. The difference between the two is mainly in the way they are fed. Grain-fed veal is fed on grains, such as cereals, corn, etc., which are the main source of energy for the calf. Milk-fed veal is fed with milk. This can be a breast milk diet or a formula of powdered milk mixed with water. The milk-fed milk-fed calf gets a pale pink colour, in contrast to the grain-fed calf which is darker.

Marche Afritibi offers you the Halal veal shank cut and frozen.


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