Wild capitaine fish

Wild capitaine fish

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Ingredients: Wild Capitaine (Atlantic Croaker, Yellow Croaker, Corvina Fish)

Packaging and weight: packets of approximately 1 fish, frozen

Country of origin: Morocco

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Wild Capitaine Fish

The wild Capitaine Wild Fish, also called Croaker fish, Atlantic Croaker, Yellow Croaker or Corvina is a delicious fish with off-white flesh and mild taste. Serve it with just a hint of sauce to avoid masking its flavor.

Scaling: the wild Captain Wild Fish is covered with medium-sized scales with medium adhesion. The scales fly around a bit when scrapped off, but nothing major.

Cleaning: No particular problem here. The gills are a bit prickly but can be pulled out without tools.

Filleting: This fish is fairly easy to fillet. When you get to the ribcage, cut the ribs away from the backbone and pull then from the fillet with long nose pliers. Slice along the spine using the backbone as a guide then run your knife over the rib cage and remove the bones with long nose pliers. De-boning is fairly easy but tend to break in smaller fish.

Yield: a 1-pound 3/4-ounce fish yielded 7 1/4 ounces of skin-on fillets (43%); and 6.53 ounces (39%) for skin-off fillets. This is a modest yield because the fillets are fairly thin.

Skinning: Skin shrinkage is important and hardens during cooking.  The narrowing of the skin is severe and does not relax. You will need to skin the fillets for frying or poaching.  It is an easy fish to skin with a long knife and cutting board.

Cooking: The skinned fillets are excellent pan frying and poaching.  It is not a good candidate for frying whole since the head is wide compared to the body, and because of severe skin shrinkage. Large chunks tend to crumble when used in soups as the flesh is so tender.


Medium-sized fish can be baked, steamed whole or breaded by making a few diagonal slashes along the skin to avoid shrinkage. They are difficult to lift and reassemble for serving because the fish is so tender. Medium-sized individual fish are easier to serve, but larger fish can be panned and halved into equal weight portions before cooking.

Stock: Head fins and bones make a mild tasting, versatile and abundant stock. The stock will yield very little oil, but you still need to remove it with your gravy and fat separator.


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