Beef Oxtail

Beef Oxtail

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Ingredients: Beef Oxtail

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Beef Oxtail

Oxtail is the culinary name for the caudal appendage of steer. It consists of bone surrounded by flesh. It is a gelatin-rich meat that has recently reappeared after having been long neglected.

A tripe product, it is meant to be slow-cooked, a perfect companion to pot-au-feu, stews or casseroles since its bone gives flavor to these dishes. It is also a key ingredient in the famous British oxtail soup.

The tail is made up of vertebrae (without spinal cord) surrounded by very tender meat and a lot of fat. Thorough degreasing is necessary before cooking. We use only the top of the tail: the last vertebrae are always removed because the amount of meat is insignificant. It is the basis of the famous oxtail soup Anglo-Saxon. This calf often decorates a pot-au-feu. As for the pig tail, she is preparing as pig’s trotters, breaded and grilled.

Oxtail soup so popular in the UK is a broth English is a broth with oxtail basic and vegetables, complemented by a finely diced, baked and flavored with Sherry. The soup probably dates back to the revocation of the Edict of Nantes by Louis XIV and was introduced by persecuted French protestant refugees who survived on the cheap and little used ox tail, discarded at that time by London butchers. This soup would have found its origins after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, Louis XIV. French Protestants emigrated to England survived thus preparing the oxtail as London butchers left on the skins.

The use of innards should not put you off. Oxtail soup is actually a very tasty dish, with a hint of flavors from Provence. Beef offers a multitude of culinary possibilities. Slow-cooked, its meat is tender and juicy. Use the cooking juices to prepare a delicious soup.

Oxtail broth produces a beautiful gelatin filled with collagen, glucosamine and minerals.


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