Smoked hard chicken
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Smoked hard chicken

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Ingredients: African Hard chicken (bicycle chicken), seasoning: palm oil, white penja pepper. Charcoal smoked.

Format: 1 whole chicken, frozen

Brand: Afritibi

Origin: Canada

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Smoked Hard Chicken

The smoked hard chicken is made from hard chicken also known as chicken-bicycle, boiling chicken is an institution in many Sahelian countries (Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mali … etc). It is subject to strong competition from conventional chicken farming. The latter is asepticized, inflated with hormones, full of antibiotics, stuffed with flour, battery-raised, fat, tasteless and tasteless. However, the hard chicken continues to pedal against the current, well helped by its tastier and more flavourful meat.

The hard chicken (boiling chicken) is skinny, skinny, dusty, street-raised, hanging out in the yards, pedaling in the heat to scrape enough food to live on by dancing from one leg to the other, before finishing, firm and tasty, head down and feathery at the back, tied by the legs, outdoors, in front of a shop. In Senegal, it is very common to see chickens in small villages going freely from yard to yard. Some people call them “bicycle chickens” because of their fast and jerky gait.

By dint of building up their muscles while pedaling, their flesh is brown and very firm, but oh so tasty! Don’t be fooled by its small size and compactness. Knowing that old pots make the best sauces, we can then affirm without a doubt that the hard chicken is the grandfather of the village chickens.

Marche Afritibi offers you the best hard chicken in Quebec. Whether fried, on the embers or even smoked, its taste will be incomparable. Don’t pay attention to its small amount of flesh. It’s quality that doesn’t matter the quantity.

Afritibi market advises you to pre-cook the chicken before grilling it on the BBQ. This pre-cooking will be very useful to tenderize the flesh of this biting chicken!


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