Goya Guava Paste

Goya Guava Paste

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Ingredients: 100% guava fruit pulp

Size: 250 G

Brand : Goya

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Guava Paste

Guava is a tropical fruit that is shaped like a small pear. The guava is native to Central America but is now cultivated in several other countries. The tender and juicy flesh of the guava is red, pink or white in colour, sprinkled with small seeds. In addition to being light, it is rich in minerals. It brings a good quantity of calcium, magnesium, iron. It also contains potassium which gives it diuretic properties.

This fruit also contains a large amount of fiber (6 g/100 g). Very well tolerated by the most fragile intestines because very soft, they make of this fruit an excellent stimulator of the intestinal transit. Therefore, a real ally of elimination. Finally, the guava is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C. It contains an average of 243 mg/100 g, with peaks of up to 900 mg/100 g. It contains five times more than citrus fruits and almost three times more than kiwi fruit! So, a portion of just 40 g of its flesh is enough to cover the recommended daily requirement. The antioxidant content of guava is very interesting. In fact, several scientific studies have shown that guava has a high polyphenol content. There would be 10 times more in the peel of the fruit than in the flesh.

Preparation of guava paste

Guava lends itself well to savoury dishes. Thus, raw and diced, it can be used to garnish a green salad, mixed with diced salmon and green apple: freshness guaranteed. Cooked in slices, seasoned with lemon and chilli pepper, or pureed, it goes very well with fish, poultry and white meats. It can also be prepared in a delicate sauce. Simply simmer it with onions, vinegar, sugar and a good dose of spices, allspice and cinnamon in particular. Finally, guava paste is a great success when served with fresh goat’s cheese.

Afritibi market offers a ready-to-eat guava paste that will delight the sweetest palates. Whether with plantain banana chips or a soft cheese, you will not be able to succumb to this divine delight for long.


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