Organic Baobab Fruit Powder

Organic Baobab Fruit Powder

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Ingredients: 100% Organic Baobab

Packaging and weight: 100g

Brand: Zena Exotic Fruits (Afritibi)

Origin: Senegal

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Organic Baobab Fruit Powder

The baobab fruit is called “monkey bread” because it is highly appreciated by these primates. Oval-shaped fruit, the size of a coconut, grow by the hundreds on each tree.  Baobab is a genuine superfood rich in nutrients and fiber that can be of great service especially to the elderly or people in recovery. Another undeniable advantage: the baobab is an almost inexhaustible natural resource in Africa, its exploitation costs almost nothing and is managed by organizations with high environmental awareness and standards.

Traditional African medicine has relied baobab for decades. It is nicknamed “pharmacist tree”, “tree of life” and even “magic tree” as its properties are so impressive. The oil extracted from the seeds is used in cosmetics because of its richness in antioxidants, and the leaves are full of proteins and minerals, etc.

  • Having a low glycemic index, baobab powder is consumable by people with diabetes.
  • To maintain tone and vitality: are you athletic, or are you simply suffering from a temporary slump in energy? Rich in vitamins, baobab fruit powder helps keep you fit. For students under the stress of exams or the elderly, the baobab fruit gives you a little boost. The baobab is recommended during convalescence, as well as during sports activities for its help with quick recovery.
  • Improves the intestinal flora: the richness in fibers, especially the soluble ones, of the baobab fruit is very interesting for the intestinal flora. With 50% soluble fiber content and 50% insoluble fibers, baobab actively participates in the regulation of intestinal transit. People with fragile intestines should definitely try it for its comforting properties. The fresh pulp is also used in Africa as an anti-diarrheal.


The pulp of the fruit is particularly coveted. Fresh or dry and diluted in water, the pulp produces a drink called “Bouye“. It is most commonly found in the form of an off-white colour powder. Low in calories, there are: vitamins C (6 times more than oranges), Calcium (2 to 3 times richer than milk), vitamins B (especially B1, B2 and B6) and PP, manganese, an antioxidant, Iron and zinc, Potassium (5 to 6 times more than bananas).


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