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Also known as: tropical basil, african basil, Madoumadoum, Indoundouwèlè, wild basil

Ingredients: 100% Basil Leaf

Format: 23G/packages

Brand: Afritibi

Country of origin: Cameroon

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Massep (Mesep, Wild or Tropical Basil) is widely used in Beti(e) cooking in Cameroon the, “Massep”, ocimum gratissimum (wild basil), treats bronchitis and abdominal pain. The simplest and certainly the least widespread use of “Massep”, a plant with multiple virtues, is its consumption as a breakfast tea with milk and sugar.

“The particularity is that in this particular case, it acts as a preventive treatment,” explains Ms. Assoumou Joséphine.

Thus, Massep has several properties and occasionally becomes a very effective medicine and very popular with traditionalists in almost all ethnic groups of the country, especially by economically weak families.

Process for making Massep herbal tea

Put a little water on the fire, then add the leaves of “Massep” let simmer until the water changes color, then serve in a bowl. Add milk and sugar according to your preference.

Treatment for stomach aches or constipation using massep

“First, you collect the leaves of “Messep”, then you rub them and add one or two small peppers (native pepper) preferably green, without crushing them. The whole thing is put in a little water and with the help of a pear, the patient purges himself, then in the two minutes that follow, he will have a strong desire to relieve himself and this is the beginning of the healing”.

“After that the problem (constipation or other pains) will be a memory. But it all depends on the severity,” said Josephine.


This plant also cures coughs by clearing the lungs of foreign bodies that prevent it from functioning normally. For an effective result, the Messep leaf is chewed with a little salt to reduce its sour taste.

The patient swallows the aspirated juice after chewing and rejects the rest and then starts again, for at least 5 minutes. The treatment is done twice a day, morning and evening for two or three days. In the evening of the first day, the patient will see his chest gradually become free, until complete healing.

Also, in the Nzebi language, this plant is called “Madoumadoum”, in the Mpongwe language, it is the “Indoundouwèlè” .

Under other skies, ocimum gratissimum (wild basil) is used as a basis for winemaking.



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