Goat meat

Goat meat

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Ingredients: 100% goat meat

Weights: 2Lbs (aprox. 1KG)

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Goat meat

The goat is a mammal from the Bovidae family (like cows) and Caprinae subfamily (like chamois). It has a life expectancy of twelve years.

Goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world. It is free of religious prohibitions, unlike pork, horse, beef, rabbit and even seafood. Goats can diversify the vocation of an existing farm. Indeed, goats do not “graze” as do cows and sheep. They prefer to eat shrubs, weeds and young tree shoots. So, after removing a herd of cattle from a pasture, it may be worth sending a herd of goats there to eat the refusals. This produces a reduction in the use of machinery, whether for mowing or spreading pesticides, and the companies can diversify their sources of income.

The goat, also called cabri, produces very lean meat with high nutritional quality; ideal for health-conscious people. Gourmets looking for tasty products, but low in calories, will certainly find in this meat an excellent compromise. It is a tender, succulent meat with a spicy taste. It is a very low-fat meat and must be slow cooked over very low heat so that it retains its tenderness and flavor.

This meat is 50% to 65% less fatty than similarly prepared beef. The United States Department of Agriculture reports that the saturated fat in cooked goat meat is 40% lower than that of cooked chicken, even without its skin. Goat meat has the lowest cholesterol content of exotic meats such as big game, rabbit and lamb.


Weight2 lbs
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Frozen, Halal, Package

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