Plantain fufu flour

Plantain fufu flour

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Ingredients: Crushed plantain, potato granulate, cassava, spices.

Format: box of 680 g

Brand : Tropiway

Country of origin: United States

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Plantain fufu flour

Plantain fufu flour has the advantage of having a neutral taste and can be used in most recipes such as bread, pancakes or cakes.

Method of preparation of the Tropiway plantain fufu flour

Boil 250ml (a glass) of drinking water; pour 100g (½ glass) of flour into a container and add the same volume of drinking water as the flour: 125 ml of water (i.e. ½ glass). Add this mixture to the boiling water off the heat. Stir with a spoon or spatula to make the mixture homogeneous. Boil while stirring for five to ten minutes. Let cool. The porridge is ready. It should be consumed immediately after preparation.
The porridge prepared in this way has a water content of about 80%.
Recommendations for use
This flour is especially recommended for feeding babies from six months onwards as a supplement to breast milk. The porridge must be prepared and given according to the baby’s age: twice a day from 6 to 12 months, two to three times a day after 12 months.


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