Coarse semolina

Coarse semolina

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Durum wheat coarse semolina

Wheat semolina is made from durum wheat grains. White durum wheat coarse semolina can be used in cooking in various preparations, including semolina cakes, soups and couscous. It is also used to make pasta.

Dear Afritibians, you have already rightly asked yourself, why Marche Afritibi offers you the best of the Durum Wheat Coarse Semolina? The answer is quite simple: we too are concerned to pay attention to your line.

Like all other cereal products, semolina and couscous are nutritious foods to be integrated for their content of B-complex vitamins and dietary fibre. Audrey Cyr, nutritionist

Afritibians, you got it! You who pay attention to your figure, who are sporty or simply want to eat well: now you know that the consumption of semolina is possible and even highly recommended! Dixit Marché Afritibi! So don’t hesitate to include it several times a week in your diet.

Wheat semolina is more often used in cream of wheat, in soups or as a dessert in puddings. Otherwise, it is transformed into couscous which is made from semolina mixed with flour, sprinkled with cold and salted water and then pressed or rolled into small balls of various sizes. The semolina is kept in the refrigerator to delay rancidity and preserve vitamins and minerals.

Directions for use

The coarse durum wheat semolina will be ideal for the conception of your semolina cake recipes.


400 g wheat semolina
400 g of dates including 100 g of dates for decoration
100 g of walnut kernels of which 50 g for decoration
4 tablespoons honey
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 tablespoon of argan oil or walnut oil
1/2 teaspoon butter


Prepare your semolina as indicated on the packet.
In a bowl, mix the crushed walnuts, pitted and diced dates, honey, cinnamon, argan oil or walnut oil and melted butter.
Mix the preparation thus obtained with the semolina.
Serve this dish hot or warm, decorated with dates and nuts.



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