Red palm oil

Red palm oil

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Ingredients: 100% palm oil. No colouring agents or additives.

Format: 1L

Brand: Delice des tropiques

Made in Cameroon

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Red Palm Oil

At Afritibi market, we love quality and work hard to provide you with the best known organic red palm oil producers. On this, check out a consumers’ favourite, the African choice red palm oil.

"Vitamin A plays an important role in immunity, growth and vision. Palm oil is the richest source of vitamin A in the plant kingdom".

– Hélène Delisle, professor emeritus in nutrition at the Université de Montréal.

Benefits of palm oil for the skin?

Thanks to the beta-carotenes it contains, palm oil, especially red palm oil, prepares the skin for the sun. It prevents dehydration. In summer always, and as an after-sun care product, you can mix your palm oil with coconut oil. Outside the summer season, palm oil can be used as a balm, mixed with other vegetable oils, for dry, dehydrated or chapped skin. It also helps to regain elasticity. To have soft skin, you can also pour a few drops of palm oil in your bath water.

What are the benefits of palm oil for hair?

When you’re on holiday, don’t forget your bottle of palm oil: it will protect your hair, not only from UV rays, but also in sea water! That said, it can be used all year round because it acts as a conditioner, while making your hair shiny and soft. You can perfectly coat your hair with palm oil (with emphasis on the ends) and keep it “warm” overnight. A shampoo (or even two) will then be necessary to remove excess oil. Palm oil is suitable for all hair types, however it is particularly suitable for curly and afros hair, as well as dry hair.
Make an oil bath with red oil, twice a week. … After two months you will obtain a satisfactory result.

Method of preservation

Store palm oil at room temperature (it hardens in the cold), away from air and light.



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