Miondo Cassava Stick

Miondo Cassava Stick

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Ingredients: 100% cassava, water

Format: 1 kg package, frozen

Brand: Delice Tropical

Country of origin: Cameroon

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Miondo, a starchy mixture of crushed manioc cooked in thin banana leaves, has ended up taking the place of King of Buffets. And for good reason: the “elegance” and visual beauty of these two compounds made them more than just a meal, they were an artistic meal that was adored by all during ceremonies of all sizes. Indeed, rich and poor, civil servants, artisans, liberal professionals, diplomats, foreigners and therefore tourists, having seen this particular dish, ended up loving, adopting and adapting it. “If you’re in Cameroon and you haven’t tasted Ndolè with miondo, then you’ve missed out on a lot,” Europeans often tell their compatriots.

Almost omnipresent on the buffets of major ceremonies or in events of traditional or festive significance, Miondo is a dish that delights the palate and almost all its consumers unanimously agree on its textured beauty, its finesse and malleability culinary.


Soak cassava roots in water for 3 to 5 days. When they are soft, remove the fibres from the pulp. Allow to ferment for 1 day to drain. Usually the crumbled pulp is placed in closed jousting bags and heavy objects are placed on top.
Crush the pulp finely (for the miondos) and a little less finely for the bobolos. Wrap in sheets and tie with bamboo fibres.
For the Douala speciality miondos, thin flat sticks of about 1 cm wide and 25 cm long are formed, and two of them are glued together for tying. Each of these parts in Douala is called a “dibaka”.

Miondos accompany many dishes, but they are particularly well suited to the Ndolè.


  • Camerdish
    Afrik cuisine
Weight2 lbs
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