Organic dried Safou

Organic dried Safou

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Ingredients: 100 % dried safou

Format: 50 G

Brand: Afritibi MArket

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What is safou ?

Safou is a fruit that can grow to about 14 cm. The fatty acid, amino acid and triglyceride enzymes present in it are capable of satiety. For this reason it is one of the fruits recommended in weight control programs.

What are the uses of Safou ?

Safou fruit is a commonly used in the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions such as dysentery, high fever and high blood pressure. If you eat raw, the immune system activates and increases resistance to diseases.

Benefits of Safou ?

It contains A, B1, B3, D and C vitamins. Among the benefits of Safou fruit, the most noticeable detail is that 47% of the fruit is fat. When the fruit is cooked it takes the consistency of butter and is very nutritious. Due to the amino acids in it, the fat does not accumulate in the body. It is used in the treatment of skin disorders.

Other names of Safou ?

Safou is also known as African pear, Atanga, Bush butter, Nsafu, Prunes, African plum, Dacryodes edulis, Butter fruit, Ube, Bush pear, Bush plum.

How do you consume dried safou from Afritibi market ?

Our dried Safou is purely organique and sun-dried. It can be eaten as a snack with juice or boiled corn. Enjoy.





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