Maggi cubes
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Maggi cubes

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Format: 20 and 100 cubes

Brand: Maggi (Nestlé)

Country of Origin: Ivory Coast

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Maggi cubes

What does a tieboudian stewing in Dakar, a ndolè in Yaoundé, a soupou kandja in Bamako or a chicken yassa in Nouakchott have in common? The answer weighs four grams and measures nearly three centimetres: the Maggi cubes.

The Maggi cubes has become a must in African cooking pots. It is considered an ingredient in recipes, just like spoonfuls of oil or pinches of salt. We put some in by habit,” all the continent’s cooks recognize. It has become a reflex to add it to dishes. “It’s a strange paradox when you know that any neighbourhood market offers dozens of spices.

All the cordon bleu chefs now say they saw their mother and grandmother seasoning their sauces with the famous Kub broth. It’s actually been more than a century since it landed in Africa. Invented in 1886 by the Swiss Julius Maggi, the aroma was intended to spice up bland broths and tasteless soups, but also to save time behind the stove.

Remember that moderation tastes much better! The Maggi cube is a condiment, not an ingredient!

Available at the Afritibi market

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