Gongoli African tea

Gongoli African tea

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Ingredients: Gongoli

Brand: Afritibi

Origin: Sénegal

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What are Gongoli Stems?

Gongoli stems are a natural aphrodisiac that naturally lubricates and perfumes the vagina and prevents urinary tract infections.

Gongoli stimulates desire, frigidity, and helps to remedy vaginal dryness. The plant gives again life to the sexual frolics. It helps to lubricate naturally the vagina during the sexual intercourse and gives a good smell to the vaginal secretions.

The use of gongoli can be done at any time in the couple. Regularly taking an infusion of Gongoli helps to avoid early menopause, to alleviate painful periods and to regulate menstruation. Men can also take an infusion of Gongoli. This will clean the bladder and give a very good body odor. The use of gongoli is not recommended for pregnant women.

Other names of Gongoli

Other names of Gogoli are Vetiver, Khamare, Gongonlili, Cepp, Sodhoré

How to use Gongoli stems?

Recipe 1

Boil 5 small gongoli or 1 large gongoli in 1,5l of water. Let it cool and then drink as much as you like. It can also be used for washing. Always let it cool before use.

Recipe 2

Gongoli, ginger, lemon and mint. Boil these 4 ingredients during 15 min. Let cool after infusion and transfer to a bottle. Consume this infusion like water. Do not forget to consume it often at bedtime. You can also wash the roots and put them in a bottle of water and take the resulting drink.


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