African Chin Chin

African Chin Chin

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Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, eggs, condensed milk, nutmeg, vegetable oil (for frying).

Format: 3LB

Brand: Afritibi Market

Country of Origin: Val-d’Or, Canada

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African Chin Chin

African Chin chin croquettes are eaten like snacks. Don’t be surprised, this is not an invitation to toast as is the French tradition. Chin Chin in Nigeria refers to snacks. These snacks are also found in neighbouring Cameroon under the name of croquettes. African Flour Croquettes are as crunchy as a biscuit, but with a taste very close to a pastry. They are taken at snack time or between two meals. Because of the long time required to shape the dough before frying, the croquettes were prepared for special occasions such as birthdays, christenings… Nowadays, you can find them on sale on every street corner.

The recipe for African Flour Croquettes varies from region to region in Africa. African Flour Croquettes are made from wheat flour (white or whole wheat), sugar, butter and milk. Some recipes add eggs to soften the mixture. Nutmeg is usually used to flavor the preparation. The resulting dough is usually fried in vegetable oil. The longest step in the preparation is to cut the dough into pieces for frying. It is cut into small balls or sticks before frying.

Afritib market therefore offers you its improved version of African croquettes. Chin Chin!


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