Tamarind Jam

Tamarind Jam

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Tamarind jam is made from tamarind, an exotic fruit native to Africa. Also known as Indian date, tamarind is found in islands, India and Africa. It is a pod in which there is a pulp surrounded by very hard seeds. Its bumpy pods, light brown in color, contain an edible pulp. This flesh, also brown, has a fruity, slightly tart and very aromatic flavor. A kind of sweet and sour mix between prune and orange.

Marché Afritibi is pleased to introduce you to a tamarind jam: a “coup de coeur” that will delight all sweet palates. Tamarind is considered a delicacy from which the pulp is sucked. Jam is a real treat. An intense but very affordable taste that does not mask the sweetness of the jam. Tamarind jam is not only good in the mouth. The tamarind it contains helps intestinal transit and improves digestion. The pulp also has laxative effects.

Enjoy this delicious tamarind jam on your toast with a little butter underneath. Whether in a pie, or on pancakes, this jam will enhance your snacks at any time of the day.

After opening the jar of jam, keep it in the refrigerator.

Afritibi Market offer

Marché Afritibi offers tamarind jam here to sweeten your beaks as much as you want while enjoying the benefits of tamarind. Marche Afritibi is the benchmark for exotic and ethnic products in Quebec. With its local experience, Marché Afritibi serves several clients nationally and internationally. Marché Afritibi always offers quality products and aims to satisfy its customers.


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