Tagine pot: Moroccan cooking tagine pot 30cm

Tagine pot: Moroccan cooking tagine pot 30cm

Formats: 30cm

Brand: Mido

Country of origin: Morocco

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Tagine pot

The tagine pot found at Afritibi market is an essential cooking and decorating plate of Moroccan cuisine and a good part of the Maghreb. For a few years now, food lovers from all over the world have been tearing it apart to simmer and slowly cook good small dishes based on meats, vegetables and/or fish with sweet flavours from here and elsewhere.

All the advantages of a glazed tagine

The glazed tagine pot is very aesthetic. The varnish greatly facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the tagine dish, but also makes it waterproof. It also makes it possible to use this dish on a brazier, a gas fire, an oven or a ceramic hob. Make sure that the underside of the dish is smooth before placing it on a ceramic hob so as not to scratch it.

How to use a varnished tagine pot?

Essential steps to protect your tagine

Before using your tagine for the very first time, it is recommended to immerse the two separate parts in water. You can put them in a bathtub or in a basin filled with cold water and white vinegar. The dish and the lid must be completely immersed in water to protect them from cracking. This immersion must last at least 24 hours.

Once this period has elapsed, empty the water from your bathtub or tub and leave your tagine dish to dry for another 24 hours in the open air. It is not necessary to put it in the sun. Simply leave the terracotta to dry properly before using it.

Other uses of a glazed tagine

You will be able to combine your tagine dish with pretty table decorations to complete its decoration and impress all your guests at dinner time. All you have to do is let your friends and family discover all the flavours of Moroccan tagines.

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