Penja White pepper

Penja White pepper

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Ingredients: 100 % white pepper

Format: 100g

Brand: Afritibi

Origin: Cameroon

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Penja white pepper

Originally from Penja in Cameroon, Penja white pepper is a wild pepper. It grows in the savannah where it is spread by birds in a totally random way. Hence its name bird pepper. It is highly sought-after because the volcanic subsoil of its native soil gives it an unmistakable flavour. With a quality that is unquestionable for all the great chefs of the world, Penja white pepper is still little known to the general public. Very precious due to its small production, it season all dishes with its magical aromas.

A giant liana that grows for five years

This pepper is found in the town of Penja, a small town of about 40,000 inhabitants located 70 km from Douala. The type of vine on which the pepper grows is a vine native to India: the “Piper Nigrum vine”, imported in 1958 by Antoine Decré, a banana planter in the region. Associated with a humid tropical climate and fertile volcanic soil, the vines produce berries that give pepper its unique taste.

The berries are harvested at maturity from October to January. The peppercorns are then washed to remove the skin, air-dried and sorted by hand. Its seeds vary in colour from beige to grey to light brown. They have a lot of character, powerful and full-bodied aromas with a strong persistence in the mouth, woody, amber and musky notes.

The result is so special that in 2013 the producers of Penja, have obtained one of the first Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) of the continent. It is a designation of origin and quality awarded by the European Union.

How to use Penja white pepper: a tour of the mill is enough!

Penja pepper is distinguished by its smell and taste. It has a strong smell and a very pronounced pungent taste, but does not burn in the mouth.

This pepper can be used with red meat, spicy poultry recipes or in sauces. It gives a lot of relief to eggs and is well suited to the seasoning of white fish. It is particularly recommended on steamed vegetables and button mushrooms. Perfect for seasoning a salad dressing. In a word: it is the ideal table pepper to bring a peppery and fruity note at the last minute.


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