Organic moringa tea

Organic moringa tea

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Ingredients: 100% moringa leaves, 100% natural

Weight: 50g

Brand: Afritibi

Country of origin: Senegal

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Organic moringa tea

Moringa (Organic Moringa tea) is a tropical tree and the richness of its leaves make it a first choice as food or food supplement.

Moringa oleifera is a long and extremely slender tropical tree. Moringa oleifera is the best-known species in the Moringaceae family. It grows mainly in India, but also in Africa, the Caribbean and South America, where there is heat, rain and sun. The Moringa is characterized by its incredible capacity for growth. It can sometimes reach 15 meters high, including 4 and 5 meters in the first year.

It is a tree known for generations for its multiple beneficial uses. The Indian tradition of Ayurveda specifies that the leaves of Moringa could cure up to 300 diseases. Its nutritional properties are numerous. Moringa is made up of 30% protein and 15% fiber. It also contains phyto nutrients, Vitamin B in large numbers, Vitamins A, C and E. It also contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium and amino acids.

Like baobab , moringa has been introduced into the European landscape as a “Novel Food”. This term designates all new foods and food ingredients stemming from scientific and technological research as well as cultural traditions from other countries. Moringa could also have a humanitarian impact since it is known for purifying unclean waters. Indeed, by grinding what is called the “moringa cake” (what remains inside the fruit, once the grains have been removed), one would obtain a powder which, added to dirty water, would help bacteria and impurities rise to the surface.

A priori, there are no contraindications to the consumption of moringa.  But this plant is mainly intended for:

  • people suffering from nutritional deficiencies or who are struggling with transit problems, – seniors or vegetarians who find it difficult to meet their protein needs;
  • fussy eaters, especially children and teenagers, who refuse to eat vegetables;
  • athletes who want to stock up on vitamins before a competition;
  • or simply for all those who have opted for healthy eating.

100 g of moringa leaves provide 26 g of protein, 851 mg of vitamin C, 25 mg of iron and up to 2098 mg of calcium! Or an energy intake of 292 kCal.
To be used as vegetables or condiments in soups or in your favorite preparations: smoothies, pestos, guacamoles, etc. The leaves can also be infused as a tea.

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