Maseca Corn Flour (Harina de Maiz Nixtamalizado)

Maseca Corn Flour (Harina de Maiz Nixtamalizado)

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Corn flour

Maseca flour is a flour obtained from maize that has undergone a nixtamalization process. A very complicated word to say that the corn has been treated with lime water, or more traditionally with a mixture of water and wood ashes. This alkaline solution is necessary to give the corn tortillas and tamales their pleasantly sour flavour. The nixtmalized corn flour is like any other flour whose best is to keep it sealed at room temperature. Because the corn has been treated with the limewater, you cannot replace un-nixtamalized corn flour in recipes that use nixtmalized corn flour.

100% natural. Gluten free. No preservatives. No cholesterol. No trans fat.

Traditional Mexican and Central American food would be nowhere without masa. The word technically translates as “dough,” but it could just as easily mean “food.” Without it, there would be no tortillas, tamales, gorditas, sopes, or other food products associated with this part of the world.” “Masa harina” is a nixtmalized corn flour that is used to make “masa” dough. To get a clearer picture, think of it this way: Masa harina is like all-purpose flour.

With water and salt, flour but is the main ingredient to make tortillas at home.


For 8 – 12 tortillas

2 cups maseca flour;
1 1/2 cups water;
1 pinch of salt.


Mix ingredients together. When well mixed, the dough should have the texture of a play dough.
Make balls as large as a golf ball for small tortillas (or larger if you prefer).
Place them on a plate and cover them with a wet cloth until ready to bake.
Before cooking them, put a ball between two sheets of parchment paper. Start flattening it with a round dish and finish with the roll. (This is the combination we found easiest and most effective!) If your dough has a tendency to crack too much at the edges, it’s running out of water. Run the ball under water and reshape it.
Heat a cast iron pan (preferably a crepe pan) over medium-high heat and cook the tortillas for 2 minutes on each side without adding oil.
Let cool. When cooked, the tortillas will feel dry and unusable as rolled sandwiches. That said, they regain all their elasticity when they are warm.


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