Gunpowder Green Tea extra grains

Gunpowder Green Tea extra grains

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Gunpowder Green Tea extra grains

Gunpowder – which in French means “gunpowder” – is a Chinese green tea grown in Zhejiang province. The Chinese call it 珠茶 (zhūchá ie “pearls of tea”).

Rolled into small pearls, by hand or more often mechanically, Gunpowder tea leaves offer an astringent, fresh and very refreshing scent. It is the most used type of tea to prepare the famous Middle Eastern mint tea.

The name “gunpowder” was probably given because of the resemblance between 18th century English cannon powder and the small deep green beads that characterize gunpowder.

Gunpowder tea preparation

The gunpowder is prepared like a classic green tea.

– Quantity: 10 to 15 g of tea for a liter of water
– Infusion time: 3 to 4 minutes
– Water temperature: 80 ° C

The virtues of Gunpowder for health

Gunpowder is one of the teas that promote weight loss. It is indeed rich in caffeine (theine) and active ingredients beneficial for the line and appetite.

Studies have shown that a component of the gunpowder, EGCG, has an impact on the satiety hormone (leptin) which modulates appetite. In addition, the caffeine in the gunpowder helps you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. An effect reinforced by its polyphenols which have the property of burning the equivalent of 60 to 200 more calories per day via the process of thermogenesis.

Gunpowder is also very rich in manganese, a mineral that helps convert fat into energy in order to keep blood sugar levels stable. Finally, regular consumption of green tea improves the intestinal flora which has a great influence on health. It impacts the way of digesting food and the immune system.

Gunpowder is also a drink that can lower blood sugar. It lowers blood sugar levels with EGCG – an antioxidant in the catechin family – It appears that green tea can lower blood sugar levels by more than 1 mg / dL.


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