Ginger Hibiscus infusion

Ginger Hibiscus infusion

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Ingredients: herbal infusion 70% bissap flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa) and 30% ginger. 100% natural

Format: 40 g tin. Contains 25 sachets of 1.6g each.

Brand: Les infusions d’Afrique

Origin: France

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Ginger Hibiscus infusion

Discover the ginger hibiscus infusion traditionally consumed in Africa according to an ancestral ritual. They each offer unique flavours and properties: Bissap (or Hibiscus) flowers and ginger have been known since ancient times for their tonic qualities. Discover the delicately tangy taste of bissap and the sweet, warm and spicy fragrance of ginger. Ginger is best known for its aphrodisiac virtues and its high antioxidant content.

Infusion, tea, or herbal tea: what’s the difference?

Tea contains theine, herbal teas are herbal, but what about infusions? In reality, infusion is not the name for a drink as such but a method of preparation. There are several types of herbal teas:

The infusion consists of adding the vegetable matter (the necessary for a herbal tea for example), in water brought to a boil. The whole is then left to infuse for several minutes before filtering and drinking the still hot mixture.

The decoction, on the other hand, consists of adding the vegetable mixture to the associated volume of cold water and then bringing the mixture to the boil for the recommended time. Then, drink hot or cold depending on the decoction chosen and don’t forget to filter!
The maceration to finish consists in soaking the vegetable matter for long hours in cold water.
Ginger tea would stimulate the immune system, sexuality and would be effective in case of nausea and vomiting.

Health benefits of Ginger Hibiscus infusion

Plants have been used since the dawn of time for their active ingredients, in what we call today, alternative medicine, alternative medicine, or herbal medicine. The active ingredients of plants, and therefore the benefits they provide, are derived from a concoction based on them. Herbal teas and other infusions have the advantage of being the simplest to make, achievable by anyone, and especially, among the least expensive. In this sense, the use of plants in a perspective of well-being is open to the widest public in the form of herbal teas. Moreover, it is precisely in hot water that many of them release their respective active ingredients. All this while offering a hot and often tasty drink. A mixture of the useful and the pleasurable.

Store away from light and moisture.

Use one sachet per cup. Pour in warm water and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Enjoy hot or cold.


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