Charcoal Smoked Sheep

Charcoal Smoked Sheep

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Ingredients: mutton, seasoning: palm oil, white penja pepper. Smoked on charcoal.

Format: Packets of sheep cut into pieces.

Brand: Afritibi

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Charcoal Smoked Sheep

the Charcoal Smoked Sheep is made with as main ingredients the meat of the sheep (lamb) which has deeply marked human culture. Sheep are the key animal in the history of agriculture and are often associated with rural scenes. The sheep appears in many legends, such as the Golden Fleece, and in the great religions, especially the Abrahamic religions. In some rites, sheep are used as sacrificial animals, particularly among Muslims during Eid al-Kebir.

Sheep meat is a very fine delicacy with a more than appreciable taste that many people love. Whether steamed for couscous or barbecued, it is a very popular food. As a red meat rich in protein, sheep is an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals: zinc, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12.

Sheep is a very caloric meat. It is strongly advised not to consume it on a regular basis, the main thing is to remain reasonable. Indeed, once in a while sheep can have beneficial effects on the body since the stearic acid it contains helps lower cholesterol. So consume it in moderation and forget about it if you want to lose weight.

There is a difference between lamb and mutton: lamb is the young of the ewe, “less than 300 days old”. It weighs around 30 kilos. The ewe is the female ewe, whose meat is eaten “at the end of the breeding period, between four and six years of age”. The sheep is “the castrated male over a year old, fattened for slaughter”. In his case, he weighs more than 35 kilos.


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