Cassava Flour

Cassava Flour

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Origin: Cameroun

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Cassava Flour

Cassava flour is a natural and healthy alternative to wheat flour. It is made from cassava, which is a gluten-free food. Cassava is a perennial shrub, grown in tropical regions. The roots of cassava, which are very rich in starch, are used to make flour. An interesting alternative to wheat flour, with a very similar appearance, this starch is seducing more and more consumers who are attentive to their diet.

From the cassava root, two different foods can be obtained :

Flour: i.e. cassava flour.
starch, by extraction it is called “tapioca starch” or “tapioca starch”.

Health benefits of cassava flour

It is gluten-free: for people suffering from celiac disease (gluten intolerance), cassava flour from the tubers of the plant is a valuable alternative. Unlike some gluten-free flours, which can result in brittle or dry culinary preparations, cassava flour remains soft and has a texture and flavour similar to that of wheat.

It is easy to digest: the high starch content of cassava flour makes it particularly easy to digest. A strong argument for fragile stomachs. In some crops, cassava is even used for medicinal purposes to treat digestive disorders. A tablespoon of cassava flour in a glass of water can, for example, soothe diarrhoea or heartburn.
Cassava flour is particularly rich in starch, which makes you feel full. In the stomach it swells quickly and promotes the feeling of satiety. Its use accelerates the appetite-suppressant effect. Very rich in carbohydrates, cassava is an energy food. Its flour contains very little protein and fibre. Also, its consumption is alternated with that of other flours (wholemeal if possible) to fill up with micronutrients.


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