African smoked catfish

African smoked catfish

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Ingredients: catfish, seasoning: palm oil, pebe, esese, white penja pepper. Smoked on charcoal.

Format: packet 1 whole fish

Brand: Afritibi market

Origin:  Canada

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African smoked catfish

The smoked catfish also known as machoiron is characterized by a scaleless body. It has several pairs of barbels (elongated appendages of flesh near the mouth), an adipose dorsal fin in front of the tail. To defend itself, it has spines on the dorsal and pectoral fins with which it can inflict painful wounds. In southern Canada, there are seven species in the genera Ameiurus, Ictalurus, Noturus and Pylodictis, which belong to the North American family Ictaluridae (about 25 species). They are the bullheads, bearded beards and madtom cats.

In addition to offering a variety of health benefits, catfish is a true delicacy. Catfish provides a lot of nutrients in your diet, helping you meet your protein needs. It also contains many vitamins, healthy fats and fatty acids.

Low in calories and contains healthy fatty acids
The low calorie content of this fish makes it a popular choice for a healthy diet. Women generally need about 300 to 500 calories per meal. Men need about 400 to 600 calories. So catfish is a good match. It allows you to serve several healthy side dishes. The fat content is also relatively low, and little of it is saturated with fat, less than 2 g.

Eating smoked catfish is a tasty way to boost your intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. One serving of this fish provides 220 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 875 mg of omega-6. You won’t find federal guidelines for the consumption of these fatty acids, although the American Heart Association suggests including fish in your diet several times a week to increase the amount of fatty acids you eat. Both nutrients play a role in heart and cognitive health.

Protein and Vitamin B-12
The protein in a serving of catfish provides you with all the amino acids your body needs. This high quality, complete protein helps your body build lean muscle mass. It also helps improve the effectiveness of your immune function. Consume one serving of catfish, and you take in 40 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B-12. Like a B vitamin, the vitamin B-12 in catfish is essential to help your body distribute the food you eat into usable energy.

Much of the imported catfish comes from Vietnam. There, the use of antibiotics banned in the United States and other countries is widespread. On the other hand, the two varieties of Vietnamese catfish sold in many markets, Swai and Basa, are not considered to be catfish! They are therefore not subject to the same inspection rules as other catfish that are technically considered as such. Instead, you can continue to eat catfish, but from domestic farms such as those in Thailand that Marché Afritibi offers you. These fish are farmed responsibly, and they are one of the best farmed fish you can eat!

Afritibi market offers you a variation of the charcoal smoked catfish, with a clever mix of spices: palm oil, pebe, esese, white penja pepper. All these spices are available for sale at your favourite market.



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