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by Gautier Dorval


Rediscover the thousand & one flavors of Africa in Canada

Welcome to Afritibi, your premier online African grocery in Canada. Founded with the passion of bringing the flavors, colors, and authenticity of Africa to Canadian homes, Afritibi positions itself as a cultural bridge between Africa and Canada, embodying an African market, an African store, and much more.

Our online African store offers you a wide selection of quality African products from Nigeria, Congo, Cameroon, and a multitude of other African countries.

Whether you are looking for food products to stock up your personal African grocery, fashion items to add an African touch to your wardrobe, or beauty products for self-care, the Afritibi market is here to meet all your needs.

Afritibi Market, Afritibi



At the heart of the Afritibi Market, your online African grocery of choice, we are committed to offering you an exceptional selection that highlights not only our popular products and best sellers. Let yourself be charmed by our featured products, true ambassadors of African cultural wealth, and be among the first to discover our new arrivals, selected with care for their quality and authenticity.


Our range includes classics such as sea bass and common sea bream, perfect for family meals or special occasions. Grilling enthusiasts will be delighted by our suya skewers, a West African specialty, while smoked jack mackerel and raw crab offer unique options to explore African culinary richness.

For those seeking more traditional flavors, our selection also includes smoked and dried shrimp (madjanga), crayfish, and smoked herring, not to mention essential beef and lamb feet, available frozen to ensure their freshness.

Fish are not left out, with varied options like black and red grouper, captain fish, and African mackerel, known as Oya-Oya. And for poultry lovers, our offer includes frozen boiling chicken, charcoal-smoked chicken, and even Halal lamb tripe to satisfy all preferences.


From raw white peanuts, ideal for your traditional recipes, to plantains, indispensable in many African dishes, through to Eru and Ndole leaves, essential for concocting delicious meals, our range is rich and varied. We also offer unique products like spicy plantain chips, peanut flour for your sauces, and tamarind fruit, perfect for adding an exotic touch to your desserts.

For those who appreciate legumes, our selection includes black-eyed peas (Koki) and baobab powder, perfect for enriching your dishes with essential nutrients. Not to forget organic dried mangoes and frozen tropical fruit pulp, for a touch of African sweetness.


With products like Brick Leaves (Malsouka), ideal for preparing crispy delicacies, organic dried mangoes for a sweet and healthy touch, Tswefap Mix, a spicy assortment for those who love a kick, and Titus Sardines in Spicy Vegetable Oil, perfect for adding intense flavor to your meals, our range of African snacks will satisfy all your cravings. We also have a range of utensils to complete the African culinary experience,


From Ivorian Attiéké to Cameroonian Bobolo, through to essential Jasmine rice grains and Cassava flour, our range offers a variety of essential products to recreate traditional African dishes.

Whether you are looking for specific grains like Fonio, starches like fresh Cassava, or bases for your dishes like Couscous and various Wheat Semolina, Afritibi is your destination for authentic African tastes.


From the unique 4 côtés, known for its exceptional aromatic properties, to the indispensable Maggi Aroma that enhances any recipe, through to Maggi Cube and Jumbo Bouillon Cube for rich-tasting soup bases, our range is designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.

We also offer less known but equally fascinating specialties such as Nkui Spices, Pèbè (Nutmeg from Gabon), and Penja White Pepper, renowned for its unique flavor. Not to forget essentials like Double Concentrated Tomato Paste, Orange Blossom Water, and Rose Water to delicately flavor your dishes.


From Moroccan Absinthe to infusions of Mint and Verbena, through to the refreshing Hawai Tropical and the traditional Gunpowder Green Tea, our range caters to all tastes. Discover unique beverages like unsweetened Ginger Concentrate and Malta Créole for rich tasting moments.

We also have a range of African Flavors and Oils!


Explore our selection of “Certified Halal Products” on Afritibi, offering a variety of meats and fish that comply with halal standards. This range is specially designed for our customers looking for quality halal meat options. Discover our Frozen Halal Sheep Feet, Spicy Titus Sardines, Halal Lamb Tripe, Lean Halal Ground Beef, and Bone-in Goat Meat, all meticulously selected to ensure adherence to halal principles. Afritibi is committed to providing certified halal products to accompany your meals with authenticity and quality.


We will move heaven & earth to find them for you.


Explore our “Beauty and Cosmetic” selection on Afritibi, offering everything needed for hair and skin care. With flagship products like lye-free relaxers enriched with olive oil, Dudu Osun black soap for deep cleaning, and styling solutions like ORS holding gel, our range meets your beauty needs with quality and efficiency. For a complete beauty routine, also discover our enriched soaps and hair accessories.